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November is almost here and we want to take this moment to highlight the amazing work that your support has helped accomplish. Without you and your selfless giving to the cause of child sexual abuse prevention, none of the milestones of 2017 could have been met.

Take pride in knowing that your donations are helping adults across the country protect more children than ever before!

Here are a few highlights:

New Training Package Available: Meet Stewards Plus

Increasing the education and training available to individuals and organizations, our five additional modules are offered as a comprehensive training package, Stewards Plus. Intended to compliment the training offered in Stewards of Children®, the additional modules focus on healthy touch, talking to children, other forms of abuse, bystander intervention, and commercial sexual exploitation.

Updated Website Offering Help and Hope

Updates include at full overhaul of the website with a focus on making information easier to find for families and parents in crisis. Included a defined “Get Help” section and the Darkness to Light Helpline and Textline in the footer of every page.

Marking Child Abuse Prevention Month with Wesley’s Story

Wesley is familiar to many of you who have taken Stewards of Children®. His story, along with his parents, are featured throughout the training. During April, Wesley agreed to share more of his story and how he continues to recover from his abuse and thrive. His story is a testament to child sexual abuse survivors and the hope that they can lead full lives in the wake of trauma. Check out the three part video series. 

Expanded Child Abuse and Neglect Module Will Meet More Needs

Expansion began on turning the Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse & Neglect module into an in-person model, allowing us to meet more state training mandate standards for educators across the country.

Advocating for Survivors in the Seattle Times

Darkness to Light President and CEO, Katelyn Brewer, co-authors opinion piece on the importance of empowering survivors to come forward and destigmatizing abuse after Seattle Mayor is accused by several men of abuse, years after it first occurred.

First Prevention Conference a Success

Held in Atlanta, the Ignite conference hosted 170 child sexual abuse prevention champions from 32 states and four countries and shared ideas, best practices, and advanced learning to support community-based initiatives. Check out the agenda and speakers. Awards were also presented to recognize the individuals who are making great strides in their communities in protecting children, and to encourage others that there are heights yet to be reached. Learn more about the awards and recipients. 

Your gifts throughout the year help bring child sexual abuse out of the shadows and make prevention possible. For that, we thank you.


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