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Trust Your Gut

The vast majority of offenders do not look, act, or speak in any way that would identify them as sex offenders. They rarely wear trench coats or masks. They’re hard to spot, but not because they’re in disguise. It’s because they look like you and me. In fact, 90% of children who are victims of …

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Talking to Kids About Abuse in the News

As an adult, talking to kids about child sexual abuse can be a pretty scary thought. In today’s world, media is everywhere – on our TVs, on our phones, and on the radio on the way to school – and as cases are discussed in the news, it creates a perfect opportunity to talk to …

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Human Trafficking

Children are sexually exploited everyday. No matter where you live, chances are it is happening nearby. Some victims are sold for sex by their parents or family members, some are lured with false promises of jobs, and some become romantically involved with someone who then exploits them. Sex trafficking, considered a type of human trafficking, …

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7000 Adults Trained to Protect Children

Centre County has reached a new milestone in child protection. The YMCA of Centre County along with partners, have trained 7,000 adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse in Centre County, PA. That is truly amazing! When communities hit tipping point, that is when we start to see cultural change. This …

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National Awards

Darkness to Light presented our inaugural national awards at our National Conference, Ignite 2017. We have so many amazing individuals and organizations that work alongside of us to make the world a safer place, training their communities to protect children from sexual abuse. Together, we have trained more than 1.4 million adults to prevent, recognize, and …

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