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Internet Safety Month: Toolkit From NCMEC

Every June we celebrate Internet Safety Month. Our friends at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have shared the following toolkit with information and resources you need to protect kids online.   Into the Cloud Celebrate Internet Safety Month with seasons 1 & 2 of Into the Cloud, NCMEC’s flagship online safety program …

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Digital Body Boundaries: a 21st Century Concept

Susan Kennedy shares expert advice from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about how and why to teach kids body boundaries in the digital age. Good news first; most kids aren’t being groomed, blackmailed, or otherwise exploited online. Not-so-great news next; according to a recent report from Thorn, producing, sharing, and re-sharing sexual …

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Talking to Kids About Digital Safety and Citizenship

By Doug Galluccio, Detective for the City of Charleston Police Department As a detective who often sees the negative impacts of the internet on children, I feel that education is a major component with regards to internet safety. The internet provides an opportunity for children to learn, explore their world, and socialize with friends. By understanding …

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Talk About It! Adapt 4 Adolescence

Talk About It! Infant-to-Teen Sexual Abuse Prevention & Body Safety Education Part 3 of 3, by Ginger Kadlec, author of Be A Kid’s HeroTM All parents should know two truths: It’s NEVER too early to begin teaching children about sexual abuse prevention or “body safety”. Kids who KNOW body safety rules are 100% better prepared …

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Parenting in the age of technology

By Lt. Joe Laramie What scares you about your child’s online world? Is it online predators, cyberbullying, or maybe naked images being sent to or from friends? How do you manage all of these worrisome issues in your home? Our kids, especially teens, crave privacy but still need parents to balance supervision with their independence. …

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