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Free Coffee for Prevention

Preventing child sexual abuse one cup of coffee at a time. The Childhood Fractured coffee shop is the hub of a rising creative movement. A curious and vibrant storefront, colorful artwork covers every flat surface. Customers from around the world come to the shop to experience some of the best locally-roasted coffee in Chicago, only …

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Human Trafficking

Children are sexually exploited everyday. No matter where you live, chances are it is happening nearby. Some victims are sold for sex by their parents or family members, some are lured with false promises of jobs, and some become romantically involved with someone who then exploits them. Sex trafficking, considered a type of human trafficking, …

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A Personal Journey

My name is Timalee and I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse. I was abused at the hands of my paternal Grandfather from about ages 5 to 13. I was in my late 20’s when I first disclosed my secret. At that time, my Mom said the magic words “It’s not your fault,” which were …

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Wesley’s Story – How Abuse Impacted My Health

If you’ve taken Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children® training, Wesley may seem familiar to you. He’s a featured survivor in Stewards of Children® and is committed to preventing child sexual abuse and protecting children. This April, he’s teamed up with Darkness to Light again to share more about how sexual abuse impacted his life, both as …

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Still Feeling – Miryam’s Story

At a certain point in my life I realized that I was living in “the upside-down.” It was when I started to work out my past, that I developed this concept. Only recently I came up with the name, thanks to the Netflix series, Stranger Things. Early in my childhood, I was abused. I can …

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