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Five Safety Tips for the Holidays

Put protection first this holiday season. During the holidays, we spend lots of time and money attempting to create magical experiences for our children. We hang decorations, bake cookies, and sing songs. We take great care in the gifts we purchase, looking for ones that marry education and fun, and hoping the thrill will last …

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Hugging is a Choice

The holidays are here – time for family get-togethers, friend drop-ins, and fun holiday traditions. This season can quickly become hectic, too.  Work becomes busier, obligations to family and friends quickly pile up, and somehow you must find the perfect gift for your favorite people. During this busy time of holiday events and influx of …

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It’s the Spookiest Time of the Year!

Halloween safety can be tricky (see what we did there?). You have to hold allowing children to build independence and resilience in tension with maintaining a protective environment for your child. Kids need to learn to be savvy and street smart, but parents must also recognize that it’s their responsibility to keep their child safe. …

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Top Tips for Combating Cyberbullying

Two Teenage Boys With Gadgets On Couch At Home
According to our friends at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “Cyberbullying is the use of technology to tease, humiliate, threaten and/or harass someone.” Cyberbullying can take place through text messaging or social media. Cyberbullies might send mean comments, post embarrassing photos, or share private information about someone to humiliate or mock them …

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How We React and Respond Makes a Difference

How We React and Respond Makes a Difference - Adverse Childhood Experiences
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma have become a definitive part in how we address healing, in both children and adults. Educators are tasked to consider the traumas their students have experienced and how that might influence how they teach and interact with students. Those in healthcare are opening their eyes to the correlation between …

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