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Honest Conversations: Online Child Sex Trafficking

In this Honest Conversation, President and CEO Katelyn Brewer sat down with three experts in the field of commercial sexual exploitation of children to discuss the truth about child sex trafficking, especially in the digital world. These experts include Sarah Cooper, Nicole Epps, and Eliza Reock. Cooper is a survivor and advocate for children; after …

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Child Trafficking

Human trafficking affects the most vulnerable in our society: children. No matter where you live, chances are child sex trafficking is happening nearby. Learn to protect kids from trafficking today!

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Safety from Online Exploitation

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in reports of the online exploitation of children. Trafficking is happening everywhere: not just in developing countries, but also in first world nations and especially online. Last year saw changes in child abuse reporting rates and trafficking reporting rates that show an increase in the …

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Trafficking: Victimology & the Judicial System

When looking at human trafficking cases, law enforcement, judges, and the judicial branch must have a trauma-informed methodology. This is part two of our blog series on understanding human trafficking. If you missed part one, read it here. For some expert advice on how law enforcement investigates trafficking and the importance of trauma-informed education catered …

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Trafficking: Investigation & Prosecution

Human trafficking victims, including child sex trafficking victims, often don’t self-identify. If they don’t self-identify, how are law enforcement, judges, juries, and community members going to know they need help? Why wouldn’t someone being trafficked ask for help? Traffickers groom their victims and are master psychological manipulators making this crime very difficult for anyone to …

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