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2018 National Awards

Darkness to Light presented our national awards at our National Prevention Conference, Ignite 2018. We are grateful for the amazing partners that work tirelessly in their communities to protect children from sexual abuse. From dedicating their evenings and weekends to trainings, to promoting prevention throughout their everyday conversations, to standing up for children no matter the situation, our Authorized Facilitators are …

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Year in Review – 2018

This year has been a landmark year for Darkness to Light, from surpassing 1.6 million adults trained to our partnership with Aly Raisman to successfully pulling off a National Prevention Conference for the second year in a row. So many amazing things have been accomplished, and it’s all because YOU stepped up. Because of your support we …

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Partnerships that Empower Survivors to Speak Their Truth

In partnership with #AerieREAL Role Model Aly Raisman, Aerie produced the “survivor” swimsuit benefiting Darkness to Light. This past spring, Aerie launched an exclusive collection featuring words of wisdom from their #AerieREAL Role Models on a variety of pieces, with 100% of sales of each item benefiting causes close to their role models’ hearts. In …

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Educating Children & Adults

Educating both adults and children is important to preventing child abuse. At Darkness to Light, we focus on the prevention of child sexual abuse by educating adults. We believe it’s an adult’s responsibility to protect children, but we know educating both adults and children is vital to prevention. Empowering children to tell a trusted adult …

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Move Forward in Resilience

With help and support we can move forward in resilience. In the past two blog posts, we’ve discussed childhood trauma, what it is, and its impact on children and adults. Thankfully, trauma doesn’t have to be the end. We know if individuals get help and have a support system, they can heal. They are resilient. …

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