Darkness to Light is a non-profit committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse.

Our work is guided by the vision of a world free from child sexual abuse, where children can grow up happy, healthy and safe.
We know that prevention is possible, and we believe that it is an adult responsibility to protect children.

We exist to empower people to prevent child sexual abuse

Children deserve to grow up happy and healthy, with their sexual boundaries intact.

Education is the first step.

A Brief History

Darkness to Light recognizes these extraordinary individuals that contributed to founding the organization:

Anne Lee
Cindy Tew
Elizabeth Ralston, PhD
John G. Davis, Jr.

Isabel E. Jewell
Samuel Jewell
Stuart Christie

L. Russell Bennett
Stewart and Sylvia Birbrower
Kim Bealle

1997-2000Advocates and the Lowcountry Children's Center hosted a seminal conference named "From Darkness to Light," highlighting the voice and resilience of adult survivors of child sexual abuse. This initial work laid the foundation for Darkness to Light as an organization.
2000Anne Lee founded a Charleston-based nonprofit child sexual abuse prevention organization named Darkness to Light.
2000-2011 Anne Lee served as president and CEO of Darkness to Light. Under her leadership, the organization grew from a small one-woman nonprofit to a national force in child sexual abuse prevention.
2001 Darkness to Light added education to its mission. In 2002, 7 Steps to Protecting our Children: A Guide for Responsible Adults was published. 2001-2008: Darkness to Light developed and released an award-winning public awareness campaign, led by Young and Rubicam, which went national in 2002. Time Inc. ran full-page ads and CNN began running an aggressive public service campaign.
2005The Stewards of Children® program was released to parents, youth serving organizations, and communities across the nation and globe. In 2006, Stewards of Children® Online was released in a web-based version.
2011-2015Jolie Logan served as Darkness to Light’s President and CEO. Under Jolie’s leadership, Darkness to Light saw exponential growth in the volume and quality of distribution of the Stewards of Children® program.
2013A new version of Stewards of Children®, updated to reflect current issues facing today's children and communities, was released. The online version of Stewards of Children® also received a complete makeover. The 7 Steps to Protecting our Children was revised to become the 5 Steps to Protecting our Children™: A Guide for Responsible Adults.
2014 Darkness to Light worked with the Texas Education Agency to provide over 100,000 educators with the Stewards of Children® program. This is the largest child sexual abuse training program ever undertaken.
2015Darkness to Light has thousands of authorized facilitators who offer the program in all 50 states and 17 international locations.
2015Board member Lyndon Haviland serves as Interim CEO. Under Lyndon's leadership, Darkness to Light raises further awareness, education, and advocacy through forging strong partnerships and expanding Stewards of Children® to India. In August, the milestone of one million individuals trained is reached.