Safety in Seconds: Human Trafficking Prevention

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This Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we are shedding light on child sex trafficking – one microlearning module at a time.

Explore the knowledge and tools needed to prevent child sex trafficking with our Safety in Seconds series featuring bite-sized, accessible lessons. This three-part series sheds light on the dynamics of exploitation, signs of trafficking, and effective prevention measures.

Access each Safety in Seconds lesson by clicking on the corresponding icons below. Please be advised that this series contains sensitive information related to trafficking, sexual abuse, and child exploitation.

Learn the Facts: Learn about the alarming realities of child sex trafficking, including its global prevalence and the tactics used by traffickers to exploit vulnerable children.

Recognize the Signs: Equip yourself with the skills to identify potential signs of trafficking. This microlearning module provides practical insights on behavioral indicators, grooming techniques, and other warning signals.

React Responsibly: Discover proactive steps to safeguard children from falling victim to trafficking. From communication strategies to creating safe spaces, this lesson empowers you to play an active role in prevention

We believe that child safety starts with you! Therefore, Safety in Second is provided for free by Darkness to Light and is specially designed by our curriculum team for adult-focused, educational purposes only.

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