Stewards Plus is the best option for an organization wanting a complete prevention package.

Stewards Plus includes Darkness to Light’s prevention training Stewards of Children® and also gives you access to additional trainings that are designed to provide more in-depth information and skill development in topic areas addressed in Stewards of Children®, other forms of abuse, and mandated reporting. The additional trainings include: Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Bystanders Protecting Children from Boundary Violations & Sexual Abuse, Healthy Touch for Children and Youth, and Talking with Children about Safety from Sexual Abuse.

Stewards Plus costs $25.00. Users can access Stewards Plus online and it can be accessed at anytime. Stewards Plus is available in English & Spanish (Recognizing & Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect is only available in English).

Special Note:

Our dedicated team is enhancing and updating our additional trainings within the Stewards Plus package, aligning them with the latest content, materials, and learning objectives introduced in the NEW version of Stewards of Children®. Consequently, the Stewards Plus package is temporarily unavailable for purchase. We anticipate releasing the updated training modules in June 2024, at which point Stewards Plus will be readily available once again. Thank you for your patience as we introduce the next generation of prevention!