Why Darkness to Light?

For over 15 years, Darkness to Light has proven that child sexual abuse prevention works. We prioritize research-based training methods and are considered best-in-class among the prevention community. With a focus on quality data capturing, Darkness to Light can assist corporations, government institutions, and organizations with training and tracking the success of their prevention efforts. Collectively, those who support prevention efforts have the capability of changing their corporate culture, reducing the stigma associated with being a survivor, and helping to keep their employee’s children from being dramatically changed forever by sexual abuse.


Does your workplace participate in any employee giving programs? Often, you can designate the funds that you contribute to a particular cause or organization. Many employers also offer an employer match for charitable giving, matching your personal gifts, including volunteer hours, up to a set amount.

Ask your human resources department if either of these options are available to you. If you are a human resources representative and would like to make Darkness to Light a charity of choice, please contact ceo@d2l.org.



From the largest cities to the smallest towns, businesses are encouraged to become part of an elite group of corporate partners through the Circle of Light Society.

A variety of benefits are offered based on each businesses desired level of engagement. Learn more about how your company may become a member of the Circle of Light by emailing ceo@d2l.org.


Introduce your products and/or services to enhance our internal efficiencies and market to a diverse audience at our events all while receiving tax deductible benefits.

Your contributions will help control operating expenses and promote partnership.

Learn more about how your company may participate in in-kind donations by emailing ceo@d2l.org.



Are you focused on ending child sexual abuse in your community but don’t know how? Darkness to Light can connect you with an Authorized Facilitator in your area to sponsor one or a series of trainings.

Sponsorship of trainings will cover the cost of the facilitator, the attendees fee, nourishment, event promotion, and data capturing costs.

Make a difference today in your community! To learn more about sponsoring a training, email ceo@d2l.org.


Darkness to Light looks to work with companies to assess their risk in terms of exposure to instances of child sexual abuses.

HR Policies, editing manuals, and revising codes of conduct are all services Darkness to Light is pleased to offer companies looking to become a true Partner in Prevention.

Additionally, Darkness to Light works with corporations to influence change in their community by providing tools to engage your clients and customers. To learn more about company assessments, email ceo@d2l.org.



Darkness to Light is poised to partner with corporations and small businesses that share the vision of child sexual abuse prevention. Through cause-related, mutually beneficial campaigns, Darkness to Light and its partners are able to generate greater awareness and financial support for prevention initiatives across the country and around the world.

To learn more about Cause Marketing, email media@d2l.org.

“I support Darkness to Light by hosting a fundraising photography event every Halloween. I’m proud to support their efforts to make this problem one we can talk about, which is the first step toward making it one we can solve.”

Teresa Castracane, Photographer