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We often develop strategies that help to prevent child sexual abuse under our existing circumstances. But what happens if those circumstances change?

We need to be prepared to continue protecting kids to the best of our ability under any circumstances. The Protecting Children During a Crisis online training is designed to help you navigate through the unusual circumstances you might face during times of crisis. This change is any situation where you need to modify the steps you take to protect your children because of a situation that is out of your control. This training will help you consider your current strategies, help you identify the new situation, and help you change your strategy.


In this training, we will help you:

  • Determine potential changes that could disrupt your existing daily life, resulting in new situations that will pose new challenges in prevention.
  • Identify which prevention strategies in the 5 Steps to Protecting Children™ will likely change or could be heightened based on an existing or potential crisis in your own life.
  • Develop personalized strategies to use when potential crisis situations become a reality.

The training, provided at no cost in English and Spanish, takes 30 minutes and can be taken online at any time.

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Darkness to Light is proud to offer this training, which includes:

  • A crisis plan worksheet designed to help reinforce key concepts and help you plan for existing or potential changes to your normal life and routine.
  • Featured video clips from a prevention advocate and child sexual abuse survivor.
  • Downloadable Family Code of Conduct Worksheet which details different scenarios, as well as strategies to help guide child sexual abuse prevention within those scenarios.
  • Examples of scenarios of what your normal was and how you may need to pivot.
  • A deep dive into the three main principles of minimizing the opportunity for abuse – preventing isolation, keeping situations interruptible, and setting expectations.
  • Available in English and Spanish.

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A special thank you to the following individuals who contributed resources and/or feedback to create this curriculum:

Cathy Carmen, Darkness to Light Certified Instructor
Kris Crim, Prevention Director, Memphis CAC
Patricia Dailey Lewis, Esq., Executive Director, Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children
Perla Freed, Executive Director, YMCA Guardians
Lyndon Haviland, MPH, DrPH, Darkness to Light Board Vice Chair
Isabelle Repinski
Janet Rosenzweig, MS, PhD, MPA, Executive Director of APSAC
Tiffany Sawyer, Director of Prevention Services, The GA Center for Child Advocacy
Jamie Tozzi, Darkness to Light Board Member
Viola Vaughan-Eden, PhD, MJ, LCSW, Associate Professor & Program Director, Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work