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Homeschooling and Keeping Kids Safe in the Year of COVID-19

As the fall season begins, school does too. Things are a little different this year – some schools will have much smaller class sizes, some will be holding classes on alternating days, some will teach totally virtual courses, some a hybrid of both, and some parents have opted to adapt to homeschooling (or a version …

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Adapting for Safety at the Doctor’s Office

As a result of COVID-19, we’ve all had to make some lifestyle changes. Businesses have had to adapt, too. There are lots of precautions that businesses, organizations, and doctor’s offices have taken to ensure safety from the virus, but sometimes those precautions don’t include child protection behaviors or abuse prevention. One key element of prevention …

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Keep Kids Safe

Survivors of Child Abuse and National Leaders Call on Congress for COVID-19 Relief Bi-partisan support and funding can help protect children from abuse. June 25, 2020 – Child abuse advocates along with national, state, and local organizations ask Congress for at least $300 million in emergency funding to strengthen child safety and protection programs in …

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Stress, Resiliency, and COVID-19

Talking about Stress, Resiliency, and COVID-19
Let’s face it, we are all experiencing some level of chronic stress in the era of COVID-19, even our children. That stress could have long lasting effects on our mental and physical health. But it doesn’t have to. As an Authorized Facilitator and Certified Instructor, I meet many parents who are trying to do their …

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Protocolos de seguridad para el aprendizaje en línea: Para padres

For English, click here. Con escuelas en movimiento hacia el aprendizaje digital, es posible que sus hijos pasen más tiempo en línea. Ya sea con juegos o clases en línea o al socializar con amigos, están delante de una pantalla más de lo normal. Entonces, ¿cómo puede asegurarse de que estén a salvo en línea? …

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