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Homeschooling and Keeping Kids Safe in the Year of COVID-19

As the fall season begins, school does too. Things are a little different this year – some schools will have much smaller class sizes, some will be holding classes on alternating days, some will teach totally virtual courses, some a hybrid of both, and some parents have opted to adapt to homeschooling (or a version …

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Adapting for Safety at the Doctor’s Office

As a result of COVID-19, we’ve all had to make some lifestyle changes. Businesses have had to adapt, too. There are lots of precautions that businesses, organizations, and doctor’s offices have taken to ensure safety from the virus, but sometimes those precautions don’t include child protection behaviors or abuse prevention. One key element of prevention …

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The Darkness

You may have heard about a young man named Bill Zeller, a 5th year graduate student at Princeton University, who recently took his own life, leaving behind a heart wrenching suicide note describing how sexual abuse haunted him and kept him in endless darkness. Steve Collins, President of Adults Protecting Children, and a trained Darkness …

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