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Digital Body Boundaries: a 21st Century Concept

Susan Kennedy shares expert advice from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about how and why to teach kids body boundaries in the digital age. Good news first; most kids aren’t being groomed, blackmailed, or otherwise exploited online. Not-so-great news next; according to a recent report from Thorn, producing, sharing, and re-sharing sexual …

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Child Protection in Fiscal Year 2021

Even though 2020 brought countless challenges, the determination of adults to protect children has only increased over time, and we are thrilled by the progress in child protection we’ve seen over the fiscal year. Instead of dying down because of overwhelming odds, child protection initiatives sparked like wildfires. Advocates reached new creative heights. Teachers and school …

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2021 Award Winners

What does outstanding achievements in the field of sexual abuse prevention look like? Ask these three advocates. During IGNITE 2021, our fourth annual National Prevention Conference, Darkness to Light recognized individuals who have gone above and beyond to further the mission of child sexual abuse prevention. Awards presented included Instructor of the Year, Facilitator of …

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Child Trafficking

Human trafficking affects the most vulnerable in our society: children. No matter where you live, chances are child sex trafficking is happening nearby. Learn to protect kids from trafficking today!
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Trafficking: Victimology & the Judicial System

When looking at human trafficking cases, law enforcement, judges, and the judicial branch must have a trauma-informed methodology. This is part two of our blog series on understanding human trafficking. If you missed part one, read it here. For some expert advice on how law enforcement investigates trafficking and the importance of trauma-informed education catered …

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