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The Power of Giving: How We Can Change the World

Often when we think about giving, we conjure up images of wealthy philanthropists like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. We have long associated charitable giving and making a difference with being wealthy, but nothing could be further from the truth! Sure, wealthy individuals play a key role as major donors—but the bulk of donations are …

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What Sets Darkness to Light Apart

At Darkness to Light, we feel that while it’s great (and makes you feel great!) to check boxes, the real work is done when we’re creating a culture of prevention.  Imagine you’re on the way to pick up your child at soccer practice after a long day working, running errands, and making dinner. While sitting in traffic, you’re dreaming of the piping-hot, cheesy lasagna you’ve left baking …

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The Long-term Mental Health Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. The trauma of child sexual abuse can have serious, lifelong effects on survivors’ mental and physical health.  The lasting mental health effects of child sexual abuse may actually shorten the lifespan of survivors. Studies examining the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), such …

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6 Fun (and Safe) Summer Activities for Kids

Every kid deserves a fun and safe summer. Here are 6 activities you can do with your kids to strengthen your relationships and create lasting memories! For kids, the last day of school is a long-awaited, glorious day spent anxiously anticipating three months of freedom. For parents and guardians, the last day of school can …

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Providing Safe Childhoods for LGBTQ+ Youth

The absence of safe spaces and safe adults has historically put LGBTQ+ youth at a higher risk of childhood trauma. We have the power to change that. All kids deserve a safe, healthy childhood, and it’s the responsibility of all adults to create supportive environments in which children can flourish. Many youth who identify as …

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