As facilitators, you are a valuable piece of the child protection puzzle. In addition to providing you with quality training through the Facilitator Workshop and the Advanced Facilitator Training, we are excited to make regular learning and development opportunities available to you in our Facilitators First and Empowered8 programs. This fresh take on facilitator support is designed to reinforce your facilitation skills, strengthen your community engagement activities, and enhance your organizational efforts.

Facilitators First

The Facilitators First program’s objectives will be accomplished through regular:

  • Education: Blogs, webinars, newsletters, and resource kits.
  • Collaboration: Conferences, new networking events, and workshops for deeper learning.
  • Appreciation: Spotlight stories, new recognition awards, and feedback forums.

Be on the look-out for these resources, the full webinar line up, and new networking opportunities in future newsletters!

Want to co-create with us?

Our educational resources include blogs, webinars, newsletters, and resource kits from Darkness to Light and other child protection thought leaders from across our industry. Have you have ever considered collaborating with us to offer peer-to-peer learning opportunities? Email us to find out more about how to co-create educational resources with Darkness to Light!

Apply to be one of the Empowered8

Empowered8 is a recognition and development program that recognizes the top 8 facilitators in the world who are driving bold individual, organizational, and community transformation. Whether a seasoned facilitator or a rising star, this is a chance for everyone to showcase how they or a facilitator they know goes above and beyond to empower adults to prevent child sexual abuse. Interested facilitators can nominate themselves or someone else by completing the short application below.

Who Can Apply? To be eligible, nominees must be a facilitator in good standing– but the way they make a difference can be either professional or personal. The judges will consider your motivation, perseverance, creativity and impact. Questions? Please contact Lia Gil at LGil@D2Lorg The deadline to submit applications for Empowered8 is April 12, 2021.

Awardee Benefits:

  • Personal Plaque
  • Mentorship opportunities by senior leaders and Empowered80 Alumni
  • Discounted rates on courses and conferences
  • Exclusive swag
  • Exclusive webinars covering topics designed to enhance your leadership skills
  • Speaking & thought leadership opportunities.

Fill out this form to be considered for the Empowered8 Distinction:

Reason for Nomination (Check All that Apply) *