Darkness to Light Announces More Than 1.7 Million Adults Trained

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Darkness to Light announces more than 1.7 million adults trained to prevent child sexual abuse.

Darkness to Light has announced that the organization has trained more than 1.7 million adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse in partnership with thousands of volunteers worldwide. The trainings used to reach this milestone consist of their evidence-informed training Stewards of Children®, along with five additional trainings, all designed to equip adults to protect children.

90% of children who are victims of sexual abuse are abused by someone they know and trust. By educating adults on what to look for and by taking risks to intervene in behaviors that are dangerous, adults can make courageous decisions to protect children.

“When abuse is defined simply as a power dynamic, it’s easy to realize why solely educating children to protect themselves is insufficient,” said Darkness to Light’s President & CEO Katelyn N. Brewer. “As adults, we are both legally and morally responsible for the health and safety of our children. Through the courageous work of our partners and supporters, more adults than ever before are empowered to take steps to keep children safe.”

Stewards of Children® is delivered in-person and online, taking the participant through the 5 Steps to Protecting Children™ and offering practical actions any individual can take to prevent abuse. Five additional training options cover specific topics, such as talking with children about sexual abuse, healthy touch for children and youth, child sex trafficking, bystander intervention, other forms of abuse, and mandated reporting.

“As we move into 2019, we are excited to continue the national dialogue around child sexual abuse, educate more adults, further reduce stigma, and protect more children than ever before,” says Brewer.

Darkness to Light is approaching their 20th anniversary and are poised to reach millions more with the knowledge required to stand against child sexual abuse. Their goal is to train four million adults by the year 2020.

If you would like to bring training to your organization or community, visit www.D2L.org.

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2 responses to “Darkness to Light Announces More Than 1.7 Million Adults Trained

  1. I am currently looking for some type of over night camp for ptsd, for my 12 yr old daughter. She was sexually abused for years by her biological father every other weekend, from …?possibly 4-10. I was impressed by Wilderness therapy. My daughter actually was interested as well, but her therapist thinks it’s only therapy for kids with behavioral problems. She does not have behavioral issues. I know she wants to begin a deep therapy, but one hour a week while pretending during school seems to be extremely hard to fake.
    Any ideas, opinions?

  2. Hi Sarah – thanks for your message and for sharing a part of your story. I’m so sorry for everything your daughter and family have gone through. You can call our helpline and they should be able to help you find a resource similar. The number is 866-367-5444. Thank you!

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