Wesley’s Story – The Impact on the Family

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The effects of abuse aren’t just felt by the child. 

Wesley Hogue is a featured survivor in Stewards of Children® and is committed to preventing child sexual abuse and protecting children. This April, he’s teamed up with Darkness to Light again to share more about how sexual abuse impacted his life, both as a child when the abuse occurred and as an adult to this day.

This week, we share an insight into how abuse affected Wesley’s family, as told by his mother Carol. Carol and her husband Marty are also featured in Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children® training, and Carol is an Stewards of Children® Authorized Facilitator.

Next week: the social impact of abuse.


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One response to “Wesley’s Story – The Impact on the Family

  1. When my child disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted by the adult son of popular church leaders, I described the assaults as a tidal wave of sewage that swept through a whole community, affecting everyone to different degrees. People who made idiotic comments like, “I don’t want to get involved,” or “We don’t know what really happened,” or worse, “You’ll ruin this young man’s life if you report this to the authorities”, all were covered in the same sewage, they just couldn’t smell it like I could. But the nasty thing about sewage is it only takes a microscopic portion to make you sick. Our family was drowning in it and at the same time, trying to rescue our child. I looked to my church family for help. Outside of a handful of good people, most of the church family actively pressured us not to report or cooperate with the police or passively ignored us (and by this I mean spoke not a single word to us, but were demonstratively supportive of the young man). Instead of us finding safe harbor in our church family, many of them held our heads under the water. The pastor did apologize a year later…on the very day the brother of the young man who assaulted my daughter was interviewed by the police for innappropriate behavior with a kindergartener in the church child care where he was serving alone.

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