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Child Molestation versus Child Sexual Abuse – Why is Language Important?

Child sexual abuse is a complex issue. You’ve probably heard a lot of headlines in the news recently about child sexual abuse even though it may be referred to as ‘molestation,’ ‘assault,’ or ‘rape.’ For a topic that is beginning to be talked about more openly, you may not know what words and language to …

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How Can Schools Help Keep Kids Safe?

As an educator or staff member, you know how vital school experiences are for kids and how it leads to many positive growth opportunities. The student’s safety is your number one priority – so how can you make sure they are safe within the school’s walls and also convey that message to the children in …

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At the Heart of Gold

Featuring brave testimonials from athletes at the center of the story, At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal reveals a dangerous system that prioritized winning over everything else, including protecting young female athletes.  At the Heart of Gold, a powerful documentary directed by Erin Lee Carr, documents the failings of the organizations …

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Erika’s Everyday Courage

As adults, there are small things we can do everyday to protect children. This starts with the courage to stand up for children if we see they are uncomfortable. Even if it’s something as small as someone else forcing your child to hug, it’s OK to empower children to say “no.” This simple act teaches …

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