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As adults, there are small things we can do everyday to protect children. This starts with the courage to stand up for children if we see they are uncomfortable.

Even if it’s something as small as someone else forcing your child to hug, it’s OK to empower children to say “no.” This simple act teaches consent and boundaries.

Erika is a mom and the Director of Programs at Darkness to Light, hear her important message of everyday courage:

We can help set boundaries and give kids the vocabulary they need to help protect themselves, but also for all of us to ensure that we’re setting up these safe places and safe boundaries for them. Asking for a hug: that’ so simple. It takes a couple seconds.It doesn’t have to be complicated. These are the small things we can do everyday to help protect our kids from sexual abuse.

If you want to help provide education and resources that support these courageous acts, give today!

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