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More than 3,000 Child Advocates

Excerpt from More than 3,000 people have gone through training to help combat the difficult issue of child sexual abuse, according to Scars chairman Jon Brunson. Addressing the Hamilton Rotary Club yesterday afternoon, Mr Brunson said that since 2011, around 3,211 people have been certified through the charity’s Stewards of Children training programme, which …

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Prevention begins with a willingness to talk

Excerpt from “People don’t want to think about sexual abuse, or think it can’t happen to their child, but we can’t stop something we don’t talk about,” said Saving Children and Revealing Secrets (SCARS) founder Debi Ray-Rivers. “Doing nothing is a choice.” Mrs Ray-Rivers, a survivor of sexual abuse, is extremely passionate about protecting …

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Bermuda Woman Recognized for Child Protection Efforts

After four years at Darkness to Light, I continue to be so inspired by the very many folks out there doing amazing work in their communities to protect children. It’s one thing to have a great program like Stewards of Children, but it is nothing without the dedicated individuals who use the program to teach …

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