Storybooth Shares Dee’s Story of Sexual Abuse

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If you don’t have time to read this entire post, just click the video link and start watching. Trust us. You don’t want to miss this powerful video.

This compelling animation is a true child sexual abuse survivor story from an 11 year old named Dee. Dee was fortunate that when she told a trusted adult of her sexual abuse, she was believed and appropriate intervention happened. We hope this story imparts the very valuable message that as concerned adults, it’s our responsibility that we be there to listen to a child, provide support, and know the steps to intervene or report abuse if appropriate. We encourage all adults to be trained in child sexual abuse prevention, so that they are able to respond appropriately when they are that trusted adult. Darkness to Light offers an evidence informed program that trains adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. If you need help, are concerned about a child or an adult’s behavior, please call the Darkness to Light hotline at 1-866-FOR-LIGHT.  For resources and more information about Darkness to Light programs, visit

Storybooth collects authentic stories from kids in their own words, brings them to life through animation, and distributes them in order to empower kids through shared experience. Storybooth’s subject matter ranges from stories of embarrassment, to stories of loss, from challenges, to triumphs, and everything in between. Through the power of authentic storytelling, storybooth provides a platform for kids and young adults to connect, create, and share.
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2 responses to “Storybooth Shares Dee’s Story of Sexual Abuse

  1. There are over 850 Child Advocacy Centers in the United States. In most jurisdictions, a child would not be interviewed at the police station but rather at a Child Advocacy Center by a trained forensic interviewer. They wouldn’t go to court alone, but would have the support of their advocate from the Child Advocacy Center.

  2. Hi I used to work at D2L myself and I care deeply about this subject. Can I ask that you make sure that Storybook use correct subtitles and not automatic ones from YouTube because they are incorrect. For example in this video it’s not clear at all exactly what the perpetrator did in the shower? Understanding this is vitally important for those who can’t hear well or are deaf as they too can be at risk from child sexual abuse. 20% of Americans, 48 million are affected by hearing loss and it’s vitally important your good work reaches them too. Thanks.

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