One woman on a mission in Carroll County GA

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Emily Cole of Carrollton Presbyterian Church is on a personal mission to protect the children of Carroll County Georgia from child sexual abuse. Emily is an authorized facilitator of Stewards of Children and along with fellow facilitator, Jill Hesterlee, the two have trained almost 700 adults in Carroll County in the past year!

Targeting educators, faith-based groups and even the police departments of Carrollton and Villa Rica, they are working tirelessly at educating the community on the importance of prevention.  Through a series of community awareness meetings, they have not only increased participation in the training but have raised significant funding allowing them to provide the training at no charge to the community.

Emily’s work and progress was recently featured in The Villa Rican newspaper.  Emily is willing to train anyone, anywhere all with the goal of better educating adults on addressing and eliminating the sexual abuse of children.

Thanks to Emily and Jill for their hard work and dedication to protecting the children of Carroll County.

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