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She’s used to playing strong, no-nonsense characters. Now she’s lending that strength to the voices of others who may not be able to speak for themselves.

Alysia Reiner is a familiar face, most notably as Natalie “Fig” Figueroa on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. However, some of Alysia’s favorite roles are the ones she plays in real life as an activist and mother who uses her superpowers for good. With a daughter of her own at home, making homes safe and advocating for the safety of others is at the top of her to-do list.

“Everyone wants to feel safe,” says Reiner. “But many women and children don’t. The pandemic has exposed how many are at risk for abuse, often at the hands of intimate partners or other family members.”

Rates of partner violence have increased across the globe, a devastating consequence of quarantining amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. In response to this consequence, Reiner collaborated as both performer and producer on the Night of Solidarity. The Night of Solidarity was a benefit event hosted by Tamron Hall, created to support survivors of relationship violence, provide guidance to people who are currently in abusive situations, and raise funds for prevention organizations through the Together for Her campaign. Seeing the parallels that exist for both partner abuse and child sexual abuse, she also connected with Darkness to Light.

“It’s all about control and taking that control away from someone, whether the victim is an adult or a child,” says Reiner. “We have to understand partner violence and child sexual abuse so we can come up with ways to help victims and survivors in both situations.”

Join Alysia and Katelyn N. Brewer, Darkness to Light President and CEO, on Instagram Thursday, June 11th at 3 PM EST, for a chat about partner violence, the Night of Solidarity project, child sexual abuse, and the things we can do to help protect those we love.


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