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Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow: Check In

We are almost there! Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and you have one more day to meet your fundraising goal!

You’ve already sent an initial email to your friends, families, and contacts. You’ve posted on your social media outlets. But you’re still not at your goal? No worries, you still have time! This is a great opportunity to check back in with your network.

Get Your Follow-Up On

Send a follow-up email to remind your contacts that they have one more day to give to help you raise money to protect children from child sexual abuse. Be sure to include why this is important to you and how much you’ve already raised: “My goal is a world free of child sexual abuse. With your help, we can make this a reality. Over the past few weeks, I’ve raised $100 for Darkness to Light. I need $50 more to reach my goal! Will you support me?”

Share an Update

On social media, post an update. You can even do a countdown to get your friends and followers to interact and challenge others to give. Feel free to head over to the Darkness to Light Facebook and share any of our Giving Tuesday graphics. “With only a few hours left, I’m just dollars away from reaching my goal of $150. If you haven’t given yet, you can make a quick donation that will help protect children from sexual abuse. Help me cross the finish line! #GivingTuesday”

Thank Them and Then Thank Them Some More

Be sure to thank everyone that’s given to your fundraiser, and then challenge others to join them. A little competition among friends is fun and can go along way to help you reach your goal this Giving Tuesday. After Giving Tuesday, remember to send a thank you to everyone who donated to your fundraising campaign. Handwritten notes are always great for your close contacts, but custom thanks yous of some form should go out to everyone.

Fundraising can see daunting at first, but we hope that you’ve gotten some ideas from this series and enjoyed your Giving Tuesday effort. You’ve caught the fundraising bug and see that a little bit of work can yield amazing support for the protection of children. And remember, there’s always a reason that you started this journey, so keep the mission alive!

This is the third blog in the Giving Tuesday series. Throughout this blog series, we’ll help you get your campaign set up, give you tips for asking your friends, family, and contacts for support, and give you the encouragement you need in the final push to Giving Tuesday!

Got questions? Comment below and let’s talk about them.

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