Lisa Ling Interviews Delaware YMCA on Stewards of Children Training

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In 2010, Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley was convicted on 24 counts of child sexual abuse. Following many years of investigation and suspicion, Bradley was arrested after a 2-year old girl reported an incident to her parents. A subsequent police search recovered hours of videotape documenting over 10 years of abuse.  Bradley received a life sentence for his crimes, and in response to this issue, the State of Delaware created an initiative to train five percent of its population in child sexual abuse prevention.

Supporting this statewide effort, The YMCA of Delaware is enrolling its entire staff in Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children prevention training program. The following clip from “Our America with Lisa Ling” details their endeavor.

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  1. Stewards of Children Training should be a mandatory requirement for all educators & employees of child facilities in every state of our country!!! 5% of Delaware’s population is better than nothing, but is a shockingly low # considering how many children’s lives are at risk for sexual abuse in our entire country. I commend Stewards of Children for your efforts and diligence in educating the public.

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