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Are your Kids Scared to Sit with Santa? Here are 8 Cute Alternatives.

During December, our social media feeds are filled with holiday photos, featuring everything from family members sharing their Christmas card photos to friends’ kids taking their annual photo with Santa. Getting that photo can be a little tougher than you thought if your child is scared to sit in Santa’s lap, however all is not lost! Here are some great examples of jolly holiday photos with Santa, without the tears.

1. Who doesn’t love a Santa Selfie?!

We know Santa embraces technology these days. He does partner with NOAA for the annual Santa Tracker, after all. We’re sure selfies aren’t anything new to him!

2. Create a scene:

Photo provided by Victoria Boucher Photography

There’s something magical about creating a scene, and Santa can help.

3. Get in on the Santa fun:

Santa isn’t just for kids! Think of some ways that you can be in the photo, too. As a result, you can alleviate anxiety for your child while capturing a keepsake you’ll treasure.

4. Share a snack with Santa:

Photo provided by Victoria Boucher Photography

Santa isn’t the only one who enjoys cookies! Sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, or any Christmas cookies…pick your favorite and share!

5. Maybe Santa wants a break from sitting:

Photo provided by Hull Portraits.

Santa normally sits, but maybe he doesn’t mind a chance to stand up every once in a while? The kids will love to sit in his over-sized chair and Santa gets a second to stretch his legs.

6. Don’t be afraid to use some props:

What’s in Santa’s bag? Would Santa mind reading your child their favorite holiday story? Bring props and see what creative ideas spring to mind.

7. Have the kids read their list with Santa:

Sending a list to Santa is a mainstay of many family traditions. This year, try bringing the list to Santa and capturing the cute faces as he reads your child their list!

8. Forget Santa, opt for a photo with your FURever friend instead:

We love Santa, but if you just can’t make it work enlist your favorite pet to take his place. Can you get Fido to wear a hat and a white beard??


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