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Five Safety Tips for the Holidays

Put protection first this holiday season. During the holidays, we spend lots of time and money attempting to create magical experiences for our children. We hang decorations, bake cookies, and sing songs. We take great care in the gifts we purchase, looking for ones that marry education and fun, and hoping the thrill will last …

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Hugging is a Choice

The holidays are here – time for family get-togethers, friend drop-ins, and fun holiday traditions. This season can quickly become hectic, too. ¬†Work becomes busier, obligations to family and friends quickly pile up, and somehow you must find the perfect gift for your favorite people. During this busy time of holiday events and influx of …

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8 Cute Santa Photo Ideas

Are your Kids Scared to Sit with Santa? Here are 8 Cute Alternatives. During December, our social media feeds are filled with holiday photos, featuring everything from family members sharing their Christmas card photos to friends’ kids taking their annual photo with Santa. Getting that photo can be a little tougher than you thought if …

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The link between holidays and child sexual abuse prevention

We often encourage parents to use holidays like July 4th to spend quality time with kids. This is pretty common advice given by everyone from youth organizations to parenting organizations. But what is the link to child sexual abuse prevention? As parents, you spend a good amount of time making sure your children are protected …

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