Beyond Stewards of Children™, A Training to Create Prevention Oriented Communities

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Since 2004, Stewards of Children® has played a pivotal role in the protection of children from child sexual abuse in thousands of youth serving organizations. With the recent launch of Beyond Stewards of Children™ we are helping those organizations take their protection game to the next level.

As its name suggests, Beyond Stewards of Children™ goes beyond the concepts presented in Stewards of Children®, digging deeper into practical applications of the 5 Steps to Protecting Children™. Additional sections were added within the training that extend learning on creating a prevention-oriented community and applying trauma informed strategies.

By using a hybrid learning approach – a combination of asynchronous eLearning (learners learn on their own online) and a facilitated debrief session (virtual or in-person learning with a facilitator)- participants experience training that applies best practices in adult learning theory.

The Journey

Once members of a youth serving organization have taken Stewards of Children®, have had a chance to practice the 5 Steps to Protecting Children™ and put into place policies and procedures that protect children at their organizations then they are ready for Beyond Stewards of Children™, a journey that might take about two years.

Another learning journey that Darkness to Light highly recommends is outlined in the graphic below. In year 1, a youth serving organization should start their protection journey with Stewards of Children® and then in year 2, experience two of the additional trainings that we offer (choosing from: Talking with Children about Safety from Sexual Abuse, Healthy Touch for Children and Youth, Protecting Children Through Active Bystanding, and Protecting Children from Sex Trafficking). Then in year 3, they are now ready to “level up” and take a deeper dive into protection as well as extend their learning into the wider community. That is where Beyond Stewards of Children™ comes in!

The Training

Beyond Stewards of Children™ is a hybrid training. What does that mean? Members of the youth serving organization would take the training on their own and at their own pace, but afterwards everyone MUST complete a debrief session with a Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitator.

The debrief session takes approximately one hour and can be done in person or virtually. That flexibility is an added bonus. Either way, the interaction of the members from the organization allows them to learn from each other and support each other in protecting children. A win-win!

Going Beyond

With Beyond Stewards of Children® the learner takes a more active learning approach, applying strategies to enact the 5 Steps to Protecting Children™ in simulated, but realistic situations. Active learning engages learners in deep rather than surface learning and enables learners to better apply and transfer knowledge to the real world.


Do you still have questions about Beyond Stewards of Children®? Youth Serving Organizations can refer to this section of our website. If you are a Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitator, then please complete this form so that you can receive the additional training needed to deliver Beyond Stewards of Children® in your communities.

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