An Online Study for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

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As part of her doctoral studies at the University at Buffalo, Molly Wolf, LMSW, is conducting a research study on the long-term effects of child sexual abuse. Please see further information, including a link to the study, below. Darkness to Light is not affiliated with this study.

You are invited to participate in a clinical research project that examines your experiences of child sexual abuse and related issues concerning that abuse. Your participation is completely voluntary, and this study will take about 30 – 40 minutes to complete. Most of the questions will be about your experiences of child sexual abuse, your memory of the events, and related issues. The results of this study should help to further our understanding of the effects of child sexual abuse on memory. This understanding will help researchers and therapists to develop more effective intervention programs to assist survivors of child sexual abuse. The link to the study is:

One response to “An Online Study for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

  1. I am not a victim of child rape. Call it what it is. The words abuse and molest are sugar coating. How do I know if I am not a victim? I rent 5 bedrooms in my home and over the last 6 years I have lived with several adult victims and every tenant past and present has mental illness. Everyone of them knows where it started; from being rape in there childhood. As of this writing 4 out of 5 of my tenants are victims. Statistically that’s 80%. One of them is an RN who stated it was around 30% and D2L states the same percentage on its website. My point is it is not less than 30%. If this epidemic were cancer this nation would cease to exist. As a non-victim; being aware of this epidemic; my most problematic tenants were victims. In my opinion it is because we all perceive reality from what we learned in childhood. Case in point; one tenant told me: “This is the way daddy’s love their little girls”. What else does one need to know to understand how terrible this epidemic effects society as a whole; when 1 in 3 persons in the workplace are victims? They are everywhere.

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