Where We’ve Come: A Child Sexual Abuse Success Story

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Thirty years ago a man named Eddie Fischer was laying a dark cloud over the city of Charleston. A teacher at Porter-Gaud School, Fischer was a man loved and respected by peers and parents alike. Eddie drove a Porsche, was a good-looking southern gentleman and Citadel graduate and had a larger than life personality.
Eddie was also a child molester. Over the course of 25 years “Sweet” Eddie Fischer sexually molested more than 50 young boys. Fondling, Voyeurism, Sodomy…

Charleston was reeling. How could such a well loved teacher, someone we can trust our kids with, do this to so many of our boys? And at such a prominent school no less! The shock and remorse was deep and painful.

So the good news (Where We’ve Come)

Now, 30 years later in 2009, Dr. Jim Rex, SC Superintendent of Education, has made it mandatory that all SC educators must have Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training.

Amazingly, 20,000 SC teachers will be trained on how to Prevent, Recognize, and React Responsibly to child sexual abuse. Dr. Rex took an unprecedented and bold step in a fight that requires courage and persistence. We are proud to be the catalyst for such actions and when all news about sexual abuse seems to be dark news, we are happy that perhaps in this instance we did provide some light.

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2 responses to “Where We’ve Come: A Child Sexual Abuse Success Story

  1. I praise God for everyone committed to Darkness to Light's purpose. May the Lord bless you and pour His abundant love into your hearts and give you the same peace as He has given me.

  2. I am so happy to hear this! You really have provided some light for the students in SC! I hope that more school districts will make the Stewards of Children program mandatory! Prevention is key!

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