What some Massachusetts public schools are doing to protect children

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Susan Komisar Hausman, a Darkness to Light Stewards of Children facilitator extraordinaire, has been working tirelessly in Massachusetts to better protect kids from child sexual abuse.  Her recent work with several local school districts has resulted in significant changes that will have an immediate and tangible impact on the prevention of child sexual abuse.  Read more about what these school communities are doing here.

2 responses to “What some Massachusetts public schools are doing to protect children

  1. I am a survivor of sexual abuse at the young innocent age of 5 until I was 17. I am 48. I speak publicly at colleges, inmates, events, all that I can to educate and bring awareness about this still silent epidemic! My voice is open to speak if needed. Looking forward to working with the Darkness to Light to educate further. My story was featured in Western Massachusettes Women’s Magazine. I will be on Jon Leiberman show April 28th. Jon was reporter/producer of America’s Most Wanted with John Walsh. I am working on passing Erin’s Law in Massachusetts to mandate a curriculum for pre-k to 5th graders be educate on sexual abuse in school. We need to educate the children the correct way not have the perpatrators educate their way which is teaching Keep silent, keep it a secret, don’t tell…Thank you

  2. i am a 47 year old man who recently brought out the secret i have been hiding for 40 years. I was repeatedly molested by a older step-brother and a family friend. after these two were done with me i was molested over a ten year period from when i was 9 till 19, and them went on to other problems due to this abuse and betrayal.we as a society need organizations such as this and people willing to step up and fight this perversion. your web sight is helping in my healing and it makes me happy to see the iniatives you are helping to start.

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