Walkin’ to End Child Sexual Abuse

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Willie Nelson famously sang “Walkin’ is better than running away, and crawling ain’t no good at all.” Odd as it may sound, when I was sent this article about Louis Michael Figueroa, an Arizonian who has put over 7,500 miles on his New Balances to raise awareness about child abuse, it was Willie Nelson that popped into my head. Louis’ walk to fight child abuse is the perfect anecdote for Willie’s mantra. Louis, himself a survivor of child sexual abuse, has neither run from nor crawled away from his abuse; instead, Louis is looking this evil straight in the face and walking his way to a safer world for children.

Louis first tied up his laces way back in January of 2005 and has been walking every day since. Heading east from Arizona, Louis stepped his way to Florida where he turned North for DC, before heading west again for Seattle, and then south for Los Angeles and back to Tucson. Having recently biked across the US myself to help Darkness to Light with their mission of preventing child sexual abuse, I look at Louis journey with an awe-filled respect. Louis’ walk both validates my personal journey across America for Darkness to Light, and it affirms my belief that as individuals we are all blessed with the ability to make the world a better place for future generations.

Long ago, Louis Figueroa realized that his gift was a simple one indeed. Louis recognized that he had the ability to walk extremely long distances. (If you see his calves in a picture it makes sense…) Louis realization was the first part in a simple process. Louis discovered in himself, what he had to offer (obscure as it may sound). What Louis discovered next was more profound and required even more self belief.

One thing that Darkness to Light emphasizes is “personal power.” A simple idea, personal power means that each of us, as individuals have the capacity to improve the world around us; we each are lucky enough to be able to affect positive change in our world. When Louis realized the immense personal power that’s within himself (and each of us), he was on the verge of something great. The last step for Louis, as for all of us, was the hardest one.

Louis realized his gift for walking distances, he recognized his power to make a difference, and all that was left was Louis’ commitment to self-sacrifice.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Self-sacrifice is the real miracle out of which all the reported miracles grow”, and he couldn’t be more right. In history, self-sacrifice is the strongest weapon for positive change. Whether it’s Martin Luther King being shot for his struggles, or Gandhi fasting for weeks to bring peace to his country, self-sacrifice has a long and beautiful history.

When Louis Figueroa decided to combine his gifts, and his personal power with an immense self-sacrifice, Louis’ walk to end child abuse was born. Through self-sacrifice, Louis has become a soldier for children. By simply facing this dark issue and doing something as mundane as walking, Louis Figueroa has stamped 7,500 miles of positive footprints across America.

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  1. We had the privilege to meet Louis last week as he prepared for the final leg of his national journey. His story was aired on local Tucson TV, his home town. That story is compelling as it addresses a most insidious evil in this, and every, society – Pedophilia!

    We connected because of our common ground – PREVENTION!

    We told Louis that his 7500 mile walk will end soon, but the mission to keep our children safe has started anew. We look forward to our collaborative efforts to generate a sustained initiative to combat child exploitation.

    Walk on, Mr. Figueroa, Walk on!

    Many will walk the final mile in Tucson, as Louis passes the baton to his children and the community in mid February. We will be with them.

    Bob Horn and John Raskob IV
    Child Shield, USA

  2. Thank you so much for this great story. The comments have right on the mark. I am usually the quiet one of the bunch, but I cried when I read this and I just wanted to thank you. God Bless.

  3. My hat is off to Louis. It is encouraging to see that he is following his passion while raising awareness for a topic that needs to be addressed and eliminated. I look forward to the day when 1 in 6 boys over the age of 10 are no longer the statistic but a distant history.

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