Tuesday Talking Points, Nov. 17

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This week Anne recounts her own story of sexual abuse and explains how it inspired her to found Darkness to Light.

7 responses to “Tuesday Talking Points, Nov. 17

  1. Anne is amazing for turning something horrible into something wonderful. This is so enlightening – I really appreciate these Tuesday Talking Points.

  2. I am loving these Tuesday Talking Points. Thank you Anne for recognizing that prevention is the only way to fight this epidemic!

  3. We ARE making a difference! Thanks, I need to hear that sometimes. And thank you so much for allowing us to use this inspiring video post for THE BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE. I hope you will submit regularly, as we have an edition traveling around to various blogs each month. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for starting this organization. Frustration is sometimes a good thing when it causes us to do something like starting your organization.

    I remember looking for anything on incest or child sexual abuse in the 1970's when I first admitted to myself that I had been sexually abused by my dad and uncle. There were 3 books that I found in my county library in Tyler,Texas where I lived at the time.

    Today we have so many resources to reach out to. I choose to use my blog as my way of reaching out to other incest survivors who may be like I was and hungry for information and a human touch that isn't sexual. Thanks for the work you do here.

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