TODAY show interview with Dottie Sandusky was damaging and unnecessary

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Yesterday, Dottie Sandusky appeared on the TODAY show along with filmmaker John Ziegler to share her perspective on her husband, Jerry Sandusky. Throughout the interview, Ms. Sandusky defended her husband’s innocence, questioned evidence and facts surrounding the case, and accused victims of being motivated by financial gain.

Since Jerry Sandusky’s 2012 conviction, many people have speculated about what exactly Dottie knew. How could she so blindly support her husband in the face of so much evidence?

The answer is this – we don’t know what she knew, and we may never know. Bringing her on the TODAY show added no additional insight to the situation, and in fact may have been more damaging than helpful.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. 45 counts. Convicted. Not questioned, not accused: convicted.

Granting these people a national medium in which to question the credibility of victims whose bodies and trust were violated by this man is unconscionable. It is harmful to not only Sandusky’s victims, but to every victim of child sexual abuse who has ever been doubted or blamed instead of supported and loved.

If you feel as strongly about this as we do, we ask you to contact the TODAY show. Urge them to use their airtime for real news and special interest pieces, rather than shock pieces that cause nothing but pain for those who must relive the tragedy and have their character called in to question in the process.

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4 responses to “TODAY show interview with Dottie Sandusky was damaging and unnecessary

  1. Some people just cant face the facts. I am waiting for the loud pop when she finally pulls her head out of the sand. I agree it is outrageous to give her voice airtime, further victimizing the victims. Children need to be heard and believed. Change is slow coming but thanks to organizations such as From Darkness to Light..there is hope

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