Teacher Sentenced to 25 years for sexual abuse

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A former teacher was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the molestation of at least nine boys in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and overseas. He used his position of trusted authority as a babysitter, camp counselor, Boy Scout leader, high school teacher, tutor and foreign exchange host to groom his victims. By presenting himself as a caring mentor and friend, he was able to gain their trust, as well as their families. One of his victim’s, Robert Burzee, 40 and in jail for theft, attributes his drug abuse and incarceration to the downward spiral caused by Ricks sexual abuse nearly 26 years ago. School officials, colleagues and friends suspected Ricks of sexual abuse, but he was not caught until inappropriate language to a minor on social media. Ricks ability to abuse children for 30 years demonstrates that it is imperative to report suspicions of abuse, and not allow sexual predators to move through the education system.


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