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Letter to the Editor: Learn More About Child Sexual Abuse

Excerpt from You have probably heard something about the recent legislative changes regarding child abuse and child protection. For some of you, this may have raised some questions, including how will you recognize the signs of abuse and how will you respond when you suspect abuse. Darkness to Light is an organization that was …

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Pocono Family YMCA offers program to spot signs of child sex abuse

Excerpt from Child abuse does not necessarily involve violence or anger. Abuse often involves adults using their power over children as objects for their own gratification. Parents take their children for regular pediatrician visits, make sure they receive all their immunizations and eat nutritious food — all in order to protect their child. “But …

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Officers become the pupils through “Stewards of Children” training

Excerpt from STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Centre County agencies that help children are on a mission to train 5,800 adults on how to prevent child sexual abuse. The program is called The Stewards of Children, and on Monday, dozens of police officers were the pupils. The NCAA gave Centre County agencies $500,000 for this …

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Darkness to Light training educates on the child sexual abuse ‘epidemic’

Excerpt from Three years ago, my friend Lane Olives and I sat in the training room at the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy (GCCA) for the first time. Lane had been a supporter of the center for several years, and convinced me and a few other moms to go to a “Darkness To Light” …

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Rising child sexual abuse toll in Jamaica reflects improved detection

Excerpt from The notable increase in reports of child sexual abuse in Jamaica in recent years is due to an improvement in detection systems and the growing responsibility teachers feel to help student victims, an activist told Efe Thursday. Jolie Logan is the president of Darkness to Light, which offered this week in Kingston …

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