Stop Abuse Campaign Includes Darkness to Light in DC Press Conference

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As the author of I’m the Boss of Me! I was fortunate enough to be included in the Stop Abuse Campaign’s recent press conference in Washington, DC. I’m the Boss of Me! was written for Darkness to Light as a way to open a dialogue between young children and their caregivers, and gave me the opportunity to speak at the press conference about awareness and prevention. Darkness to Light holds a special place in the hearts of those involved with the Stop Abuse Campaign because of D2L’s commitment to preventing child sexual abuse. Because all abuse is interconnected, it is the hope and passion of the organizations partnering with the Stop Abuse Campaign to end all abuse, not just one variety. Child sexual abuse is at the root of a host of societal problems and by acknowledging how all abuse is connected, we can eradicate not only child sexual abuse, but also abuse in every form. It was an honor to represent not only I’m the Boss of Me! but also Darkness to Light on a national platform and see the difference, in real time, that we are making together.   Laura Fogarty

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  1. Laura, Congrats on your work with D2L and the Stop Abuse Campaign. This coupled with your book speak to a tragic topic that needs attention. I’m curious if you ever feel guilty for fabricating your own claims of abuse. Don’t you feel that false claims of abuse are just as damaging as real claims? In reading all of your books you appear to be surrounded by horrible people and you are perfect. I know all of your family and quite frankly none of what I’ve read about them in your books or what you say on radio seems plausible. The easiest explanation is usually the truth. Either dozens of your family and friends are involved in a massive conspiracy against you OR you are a liar. If we assume you are in fact a liar then most of what everyone else remembers of your life is true. If we assume you are telling the truth, then you, while never sinning yourself, have been surrounded by criminals since day one. I know your Mother and siblings very well and I say shame on you, and shame on you for needlessly fabricating tragedy into your life to sell books.

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