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The much-anticipated update to Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children® Online is now available! This update introduces a modern and innovative approach to prevention education which better equips learners to take prevention beyond the training. But what exactly do we mean by “beyond the training?” It’s still a training, right?  

Technically, yes. But we think it’s more than a training and here’s why…. 

Stewards of Children® Online—Taking Prevention Beyond the Training!

When someone thinks of a training, they often have a “one and done” mindset. It’s tempting to see Stewards of Children® as just another 2-hour workshop. You might learn something new, gain a couple skills, and check off a box that says you did it, right? Wrong. At Darkness to Light we have a bigger vision—we know that Stewards of Children® and all our training modules are meant to be an important, but individual, stop on the lifelong journey that is the commitment to ending child sexual abuse.

The upgrades to Stewards of Children® Online will better equip you to utilize prevention practices in the real world. You’ll walk away with tangible tools, strategies, and even scripts. Whether you interact with children regularly or not, you’ll learn how to naturally integrate child protection into your life. This is how we make entire communities safer for generations to come. 

What’s Changing

Of course, all our trainings already offer practical ways to incorporate what you learn into daily life, but Stewards of Children® Online takes it further than ever! In the 20 years that Darkness to Light has been a leader in child sexual abuse prevention, we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve learned from our Authorized Facilitators and Certified Instructors, our trainees, and from the massive changes in the world. Our commitment to prevention education is grounded in excellence and that means continuing to perfect our tools. Here’s how Stewards of Children® Online has risen to the challenge of perfecting this programming:  

    • A NEW, modern, and highly interactive learning platform 
    • Modularized video content to optimize learner retention and engagement  
    • Greater focus on survivor and expert testimonies  
    • An integrated Personal Prevention Plan (PPP)  

Stewards of Children® Online is designed to be taken in the comfort of your home or office and completed at your own speed. It’s best for individuals with busy schedules or organizations with remote policies or employees.   

Why It’s Changing

Over the last few years of the COVID-19 pandemic, education took a massive shift towards remote learning, and child sexual abuse prevention has been no different. Online learning has become and will continue to be a Darkness to Light priority, so that we can continue to better serve our communities. 

As for the in-person version of our training, we know the incredible value of Darkness to Light’s Facilitators and Instructors who engage child sexual abuse prevention on the ground. Prevention works best when we do it together, and in-person facilitation of our training offers the unique benefit of group discussion and engagement. That’s why it’s our promise to bring these innovative upgrades that you’ll see throughout Stewards of Children® Online to all our other programs soon.  

If you haven’t taken Stewards of Children® yet, our online training is a great place to start. It’s also a good refresher if you’ve taken it in the past! Get started here, and get ready to take prevention beyond the training and into the world! 

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