Shine a Light and Let the Whole World See!

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The Sandusky trial is in the limelight but child sexual abuse cases are playing out in communities across the world and have been for centuries.

Dr. Polly Dunn one of our Authorized Facilitators, child psychologist and mother of four, recently submitted a blog that we would like to share regarding a recent case in Auburn, Alabama.


“Last month, a young man in my community of Auburn, Alabama was arrested on charges of child molestation.  Countless concerns were voiced following his arrest from parents, youth, and even his friends.  Time and time again I heard confusion about the charges.  But we know him and trust him.   He is so nice looking.  He is such a good Christian.  And then after the shock wore off, what normally happens with allegations of sexual abuse happened here. Silence. And silence makes me angry.

Why? Because silence about child sexual abuse sends the wrong message. It tells victims, past, present, and future, that we are willing to look away. That we are too uncomfortable or too disturbed by what has happened to tackle the problem head on.

Not one to let anger get the best of me, I started thinking. What if we could all just talk about the confusion? The shock? What if we could use this situation to talk MORE about the topic of child sexual abuse instead of less. What if instead of sweeping it under the rug, we shined a light on it to let the whole world see? Whose future sexual abuse could we be responsible for preventing? Whose daughter? Whose son?”

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