New children’s book, Gracie Finds Her Voice by Jacob Williams

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Our good friends and facilitators Angela Williams and Tom Scales with Voice Today have released a new children’s book, Gracie Finds Her Voice, as part of their I Found My Voice Today program.  Through their brave mascots Gracie and Grant, they educate children about personal boundaries and the importance of open and honest communication. Children are empowered in a fun and wholesome way.

The book was written by Angela’s son Jacob Williams and is illustrated by Mark Sandlin.  Lively and colorful, the book includes a dry-erase page at the back of the book for children to illustrate a secret they may be wanting to tell.  Congratulations to Voice Today for their amazing work and for being a voice in protecting children.

3 responses to “New children’s book, Gracie Finds Her Voice by Jacob Williams

  1. My granddaughter recently told me her dad has been touching her inappropriately. Since she has not told anyone other than a family member here where we live no one seems to care. Now my daughter is dealing with the father trying to gain custody because he has been accused and she will not tell she has had sole custody and maintained an amiable relationship with him and his family for three years has graciously allowed him to see the child one day a week every other weekend holidays fathers day birthdays etc. but because we have no one to fight for young children it is easier just to claim that he is being falsely accused. I will definitely purchase this book.

  2. Having retired from 32 years in education, I can honestly say that it is time that we had a book like “Gracie Finds Her Voice”. Thank you Angela Williams for your courage and your insight into what we need to share with our children concerning the prevention of child sexual abuse. And a special praise to Jacob Williams for his creativity in developing this book. It has such an important message and is in a language that all children can respond to and internalize. This book is as necessary for every child as the Stewards of Children training is for all adults.

  3. This is great! I appreciate that they took the time to write it. I think, of course, a book for boys would also be great!

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