National Child Abuse Prevention Month-get involved today!

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D2L kicked off National Child Abuse Prevention month with a candlelight vigil in downtown Charleston on March 28th. Even though the wind prevented us from keeping our candles lit, we all carry the metaphorical lit candle throughout this month in honor of the children we serve. There are many ways you can get involved this month and they don’t all involve taking our training. Look for blogs about the ways which include a golf tournament, community bike ride, community movie event, and of course Stewards of Children training sessions.

Head to our website to see when these events are happening in the Charleston area. We hope to see you there!

One response to “National Child Abuse Prevention Month-get involved today!

  1. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by my brother and father. Besides taking the training, what can I do to help get your training into the hands of all people who are responsible for teaching, caring for, coaching (etc…), our children in the Low Country? Especially in Berkeley County, where I live. I would like to see all elementary and middle schools give this training to every employee in their schools. I checked about the “Just Say No” program, but that one costs so much to set up and have some one come out to give the training. I, myself, don’t feel that I am strong enough yet to be able to do any kind of training, but would just like to know how to go about making this a pretty much standard training for all child-related organizations in the Tri-County area! Do I go to the school board meetings? The PTA meetings? I KNOW that people in general do NOT want to talk or think about his subject, but it’s out there, more prevalent day by day! I want to so much do something to better this world we live in. I want to one day learn not to suspect every single person with a child (single parents, step moms/dads, coaches, grandpa’s, older brothers sitting for younger sisters, etc….) I try to think that my home was not the only one that looked absolutely normal on the outside, but full of evil on the inside!! PLEASE tell me how I can go about affecting the world I live in for the better for all of our children! Thank you for what you have given to the community in your short years of being an organization!

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