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In the past year, people with millions of followers have made their voices heard, large groups have come together to march for survivors, and media organizations have taken on the topic of child sexual abuse.

It’s easy to think those voices matter most because of their large platforms, but your voice matters just as much. By having the everyday courage to talk about child sexual abuse, you could have a powerful impact on someone listening.

As a podcaster and author, Jessica has a platform. But she knows she’s not the only one who can make a difference:

Jessica knows that talking about child sexual abuse may make someone uncomfortable, but that discomfort is OK in that moment because when you share with a friend, they might be encouraged to share it with another parent, and so on and so forth. Having a one-on-one connection with the people in our lives and to be able to look them in the eyes and for them to hear your voice talking about this important issue, can be very powerful.

If you want to help provide education and resources that support these courageous acts, give today!

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