One response to “JCC Training Parents on How to Prevent Sexual Abuse

  1. Hi Darkness2light,

    Here in WA state this family court judge heard testimony from several of the sexually abused victims mom and 5 sisters, from the vulnerable children’s their maternal grandmother, the kids private counselor, our testimony….Today the kids reside in the childsexual abusers home. He is not the only one named. This abuser hs never been held accountable. His family said they love and took him to he LDS mormon bishop…..These 4 troubledchildren Mr mom dad has been working very desperatly hard to protect his 4 children left to fend for themselves. Yes, they had also disclosed and the judge heard about that. The best interest needs held up- true voices need heard and corrected in ” the better interest”…Suicide has been threatened and so so much more!!! DSHS said this judge should and culd of done more. Please help the kids—-Please!

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