Invest in Programs to Reduce Teen Pregnency

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As I was getting ready to come to the office this morning, an ad caught my attention “Do you want to save tax payers in SC 180 million a year? Then invest in programs that prevent teen pregnancy.” As a state, and as a country, we DO need to invest in programs that prevent teen pregnancy – it impacts and costs us all. We can debate what the best approach is – teach abstinence or provide birth control. I’m sure both sides of the argument have their merits and I’m all for any programs that make an impact. But there is something else we can do that everyone can rally around without controversy – we can address one of the root causes of teen pregnancy – child sexual abuse.

Here are a few facts to consider:

  • Girls who are sexually abused are 2.2 times as likely as non-abused peers to become teen mothers.
  • 45% of pregnant teens report a history of child sexual abuse.
  • Males who are sexually abused are more likely than their non-abused peers to impregnate a teen. In fact, several studies indicate that the sexual abuse of boys is a stronger risk factor for teen pregnancy than the sexual abuse of girls.

The ad said that for every $1 spent on pregnancy prevention programs, $17 tax payer dollars can be saved. Investing in CSA prevention saves tax payer dollars, reduces the risks of teen pregnancy, AND protects our children! A win for everyone for sure.

Do you know how much CSA is costing your community? Check out our economic impact calculator. Learn the facts and you can help improve our communities and the lives of countless children.

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