In Effort to Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse, Stoughton Employees Taking Specialized Training

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In partnership with the Old Colony YMCA, dozens of Stoughton, MA town employees and community members have been receiving training in the Darkness to Light Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention Program.

“Child sexual abuse is not a Y problem, or a school problem, or a church problem or a Penn State problem: it is a community problem, something which will only be mitigated by the education of adults making informed choices for children,” said Susan Komisar Hausman, a Darkness to Light facilitator since 2006.

“Nobody understands better than firefighters how lack of preparation in the face of crisis can worsen an already dangerous situation. Imagine firefighters charging into burning buildings with no plan, no knowledge of how best to navigate the flames and evoke the best possible outcomes. That would be disaster,” Hausman said.

“Would a firefighter come to your home to review your space and help you with your own, personal fire prevention plan? Of course, and willingly. He (or she) would likely do just about anything to educate the public and help prevent a fire in the first place,” she continued.

“Child sexual abuse is no different than a fire: adults need to be armed with a plan, knowing how to react when they discover it in their midst and, just as importantly, they need to know the things they can do right now that might help prevent it in the first place.”

Hausman credited the Stoughton Fire Department for taking this initiative.

“When 44 of Stoughton’s bravest – our firefighters – stepped up last month to take the two and a half hour Darkness To Light Stewards of Children abuse prevention training offered by Old Colony YMCA, it was no surprise. These already deeply respected members of our community forged ahead and set another great example of turning intention into action,” she said.

“My hat is off to our firefighters, already guardian angels for our community, for stepping up and adding child sexual abuse prevention and response training to their armor for keeping our kids safer and helping each and every one grow up healthy, happy and whole.”

To read the full article in the Stoughton Patch click here.

Firefighters, who are also EMTs, were granted EMT CEUs from the state of Massachusetts for Stewards of Children training.

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