Get Fired Up and Let’s Get to Work!

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We need YOU to help us get the word out about prevention! We’ve chosen to let child sexual abuse go on for too long and it’s time to make it END. Get the word out to everyone you can, and together let’s make the media recognize PREVENTION!

Email Oprah HERE by clicking on “Submit a Bug” and tell her it’s time to talk about prevention!

Email People HERE and ask them why they choose not to discuss prevention!

It’s time for this epidemic to disappear and we need your help…

4 responses to “Get Fired Up and Let’s Get to Work!

  1. It is important to support Anne Lee and her intentional focus on PREVENTION. Posting and sending this timely message is a powerful way to do so. It is equally important, however,to own this intention ourselves. There is much to be done to create an environment where all children will "grow up healthy with their wholeness intact". I'm proud to catch Anne's fever for prevention and intend to own it by maintaining Consciousness, making the Choice to act on my intention to keep children safe from this crime, using my Personal Power and emboldening myself by trusting that my actions are appropriate and necessary, and to couch all of my actions in a framework of Relentless Compassion. Thanks, Anne, for the empowering message.

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