Darkness to Light Honors Partners in Prevention

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On Wednesday, representatives from 48 Charleston-area organizations attended a D2L-sponsored luncheon honoring them for their commitment to child sexual abuse prevention.

As Partners in Prevention, these organizations make the commitment to provide Stewards of Children training to all employees and volunteers who interact with children, require comprehensive background checks for all new employees and volunteers, and implement protective policies that limit isolated, one-on-one situations.

This year’s Distinguished Partner in Prevention distinction was awarded to The Citadel, which made the commitment to train not only staff and volunteers, but to add the Stewards of Children program as a curriculum requirement for all students.

“In light of the horrible incidents we had and we are still living through, we wanted to set the example,” said Citadel President General John Rosa. “We want to make sure that all of us understand how important it is and to make our community as safe as can be.”

IMG_2011Select Health of South Carolina received Honorary Partner in Prevention distinction for their role as the chief underwriter for prevention programs in regional school districts. New Partners include the City of Charleston and Communities in Schools.

See the full list of Charleston-area Partners after the break.

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  1. I was hoping statue of limitations for child sex abuse could be aboished –i was abused in 1962 but could not even talk about it until 2004–by a catholic nun in a school–in those days no background check was– the church was–nowrong—but now i see –another victim in another parish –by same nun–even today in 2013- yet we can do nothing but the church denys any abuse and revictimized me

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