Dancing with the Stars Pro Shares Her Story of Abuse

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Cheryl Burke, of Dancing with the Stars fame, comes forward this week with her personal experience of sexual abuse as a child. “If I can help just one person” she says, “for me that’s all that matters.” Cheryl’s story appears in this week’s issue of People Magazine. See the preview of the article at www.People.com

Cheryl Burke is now the latest in a long list of celebrities who have bravely told their story in the last year. We hope these stories will help make sexual abuse a more “speakable” issue in our society – for both the millions of survivors that carry their abuse in secret and for the millions and millions of children we can protect from ever being abused.

We look forward to the day when one of the many celebrity survivors comes forward and joins us in our fight to spread the word about how abuse can be stopped to begin with! We can prevent child sexual abuse!

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